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Vitamin K: Guide: Vitamin K1 VS K2

What Is Vitamin K?Vitamin K is almost a mysterious vitamin, one not often mentioned, or seen on shelves as a supplement, but this dark-horse of the vitamin world has a huge part to play in our health and wellbeing.Vitamin K is not a single vitamin. Rather, nature provides it in two forms—K1 and K2.V
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Aching Joints

Do you feel your joints more in the cold? As the temperature drops, many people find that their arthritis becomes more painful. Movement becomes harder due to the shorter, colder days and this just makes things worse. Here are some tips for helping painful joints: Anti-inflammatory
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Tick Borne Diseases

TICK BORNE DISEASESAs the weather warms up in Sydney, encounters with ticks become morecommon as adult ticks actively seek a host in the moist humid bush. The tickcrawls up the body underneath clothing and attaches by biting through the skin,often around the head or neck. The most&nbs
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Diagnosis of Diabetes

DIAGNOSIS OF DIABETESType 2 diabetes affects just under 1 million Australians, and there is stillone person undiagnosed for every diagnosed person, meaning theremay be as many as 2 million with the disease. Diabetes is a major risk factorfor cardiovascular disease, blindness, kid
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SHINGLESIt is estimated that by 85 years of age, about half of all Australians will haveexperienced an episode of shingles (herpes zoster). It is caused by thesame virus that causes chickenpox - the varicella zoster virus. The first exposureto the virus causes chickenpox, then the&nbs
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Cholesterol and Colourful food

Cholesterol and Colourful foodThere are many large-scale clinical trials that prove that lowering cholesterol reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Cholesterol is a significant risk factor for cardiovascular disease (CVD) and should be considered alon
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