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Headlice Guide - Treating Headlice

What Are Head Lice?Extremely common when children return to school from their summer break,head lice are tiny insects which cause intense itching. In fact, most cases of head lice are discovered when a child keeps scratching his or her head.Living on the human scalp and feeding on blood, just the th
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Self care - the art of meeting your own needs

The power of self care is truly amazing. Once we start to choose ourselves, nourish ourselves and care for ourselves, we finally start to feel as if we are worthy. Once we commit to self care, we start to become aware of the limiting behaviours and, over time, start to replace them with healthier on
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Adrenal fatigue: taking care of your body’s shock absorbers

Our adrenals glands are very small glands that play a very large role in our body. Sitting just above our kidneys, they act like shock absorbers, helping us deal with stress. However, if you are over worked and over stressed, the poor little adrenals become exhausted – called adrenal fatigue. S
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You are what you eat – are your genes making you fat?

You’ll be pleased to know that your genes are not your destiny! Genes may co-determine some health issues such as who becomes obese, but our environment is what determines how many of us become obese. Epigenetics – everything we do, and everything we eat, our environment: the physical, social, poli
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Clearing the cobwebs – why detox?

We are all exposed to a myriad of chemicals, toxins and all sorts of other bugs in our daily life. Long-term exposure to toxins can affect our metabolism, behaviour, immune system, and can lead to disease. These toxins, once absorbed, are stored in tissues and cells throughout the body, including th
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Magnesium: the amazing mineral

Magnesium is an essential mineral required by every organ in the body for a range of activities including bone production, protein metabolism and fatty acid formation. It is also essential in activating vitamins B and D, relaxing and activating muscles (including the beating of your heart), regulati
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