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Sleep in the time of Corona

Understandably we are receiving a lot of questions about boosting immunity right now (April 2020). It's always a valid topic, not just in light of COVID-19.Immunity covers many physiological processes and can be affected by genetics, nutritional status and lifestyle habits. As such we are going to a
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Easing the discomfort of travel sickness

With holidays, too often comes travel sickness or motion sickness as it’s often called – basically, sickness in response to certain types of motion. As many parents know, it is much more common in children especially those between 2-12 years of age. It’s not a disease, but does cause some
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MTHFR Gene – What is it? How does it affect me? What form of folate do I need?

Recently, functional and mainstream medicine have exploded with a tremendous amount of research into the MTHFR gene mutation. We receive a lot of questions about how to manage your health if you are living with this gene mutation, so here's a little more information! FIRSTLY, what is MTHFR?
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Just a gut feeling

The Gut-Brain linkContaining many of the same neurotransmitters (the cell-cell communication mechanism) as the brain, your gut plays a huge role, much more than just the digestion of your food and giving you a flutter when you’re nervous. This ‘second-brain’ communicates with the main one in your
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​Dermatitis: scratching until it hurts

The word dermatitis comes from two Greek words and simply means skin inflammation. The skin becomes dry,itchy, red and irritated, and sufferers often scratch their skin untilit becomes painful or even bleeds.Healthy skin provides a barrier that protects the body frominfection or irritation. Nor
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Do you need compounded medicine?

DO YOU NEED COMPOUNDED MEDICINE?Compounded medicines are a mixture of drugs that create a medication forspecific needs. We have recently started compounding medicines at GreenwichPharmacy as it allows us to customise individual solutions for your needs whenreadily available medicines
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