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Fish oil – not all are created equal

Fish oils are very popular supplements in the developed world. With increased incidence of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and mental health in the general population, more people are looking at fish oils as a natural solution to support their health. But the fish oil market can be rather overwhelm
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What is it that is making us fat?

Confused by all the messages in the media about fat, sugar, carbohydrates and all the other food groups that are apparently making us fat? Let us shed some light on the subject to hopefully help you understand a little better what are the causative factors in the global pandemic of weight gain,
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Common nutrient deficiencies

As we know, many nutrients are essential for good health and wellbeing, with our body needing these nutrients to carry out the everyday functions that keep us alive.It is possible to get most of our requirements from a balanced, real food-based diet, but with so much pre-packaged and processed food
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The marvelous vinegar

Apple cider vinegar – the list of what it can’t help with is probably shorter than the one of the numerous things it can do – it’s a truly marvelous medicine! It has little science to back it up, but there are thousands of years of anecdotal reports claiming it’s many ‘powers’.Some add it to warm wa
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Think you’re only human…think again

The single-celled bacteria living in and on our bodies outnumber human cells by anything upwards of 5-1. Latest estimates put our bodies at 37 trillion human cells and our microbiomes — as our ‘bugs’ are collectively called — at 100 trillion. That’s right, our skin, gut, mouths and noses, along with
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Is sitting for too long bad for your health?

We’ve heard it so many times before right….get up, move, exercise, sitting is bad for you…Well a new global study has shown that sitting for too long really IS bad for your health.The new study involved data gathered on more than 1.1 billion adults across more than 54 countries including American, E
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