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Sleep Hygiene

Why do we need sleep?We need sleep to reduce inflammation, repair and grow, consolidate memory, combat the build-up of damaging free radicals in the brain and to build a healthy immune system. Chronic lack of sleep contributes to increased risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, anxiety and d
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The health benefits of pawpaw

Often confused with a papaya, the pawpaw is actually a completely different species. While the two fruits are certainly similar in appearance, the trees that bear them are unrelated. Pawpaw fruits come from the Asimina triloba tree, and papaya is the fruit of Carica papaya. Whereas pawpaws are na
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Is Hummus Good Yor You?

Most people know of and love hummus—the creamy Middle Eastern chickpea dip that’s laced with garlic. In fact, a well-made hummus tastes so good that many people wonder, ‘Is hummus good for you?’ After all, if it tastes delicious, it probably isn’t healthy! Fortunately, providing you don’t over-i
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Treating stomach ulcers naturally

Often painful, especially after eating, stomach ulcers are an annoyance we can do without. Many people with ulcer symptoms such as heartburn or stomach pain may prefer to manage stomach ulcers naturally—after a visit to the doctor to rule out anything more serious.Stomach ulcers (often called g
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​The remarkable health benefits of grapefruit

Not only does it taste delicious, this popular citrus fruit has a number of stellar health benefits.Is there anyone who doesn’t like the refreshing flavour of grapefruit at breakfast?Now enjoyed all over the world, grapefruit appears to be the result of a happy accident that took place in Barbados d
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Nutritious and Delicious Nut Loaf

This nut loaf is delicious and nutritious! It is gluten free, high in protein, healthy fats, prebiotic fibre, vitamins and minerals. It is also quick and easy to make. You can replace the almonds and sunflower seeds with any nuts or seeds of your choice.1 cup almond meal1 cup raw sunflower seeds1/2
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