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The Importance of a Good Night's Sleep

THE IMPORTANCE OF A GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEPThe amount of time Australians spend asleep has been dropping for years.Census figures report we get an average of 8.5 hours, whilst diaries from the Victorian era show adults slept for as many as 10 hours a night.WHY DO WE NEED SLEEP?We
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Do you need compounded medicine?

DO YOU NEED COMPOUNDED MEDICINE?Compounded medicines are a mixture of drugs that create a medication for specific needs. We have recently started compounding medicines at Greenwich Pharmacy as it allows us to customise individual solutions for your needs when readily av
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The Right Medicine at the Right Time

THE RIGHT MEDICINE AT THE RIGHT TIMEDo you find it difficult to remember to take your medicines? Are you caring  for someone who takes multiple medicines every day? Most people have  forgotten to take their medications or doubled up on the dose 
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Yes we dispense eScripts

Electronic Prescriptions are now live in Australia....and we are excited. If your doctor is eScript enabled they will text or email you a token. It will look something like this: All you need to do is email it to us at:
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The role of nutritional medicine in children’s mental health

Following on from the recently released report by the government carried out by Telethon Kids Institute at the University of Western Australia, it is clear that there is a role for a more holistic view in the treatment and support of our children’s mental health and wellbeing.The report showed very
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​Hair nits and other children’s nasties

Nits, the common name for head lice, are tiny insects that live on the scalp and lay their eggs around the root of the hair. They are very contagious, moving easily from person to person where there is head contact – hence the ease of spreading amongst children. However they have neith
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