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Think you’re only human…think again

The single-celled bacteria living in and on our bodies outnumber human cells by anything upwards of
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…thought that may grab your attention! The right type and the right amount can be good for you..grea
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Is sitting for too long bad for your health?

We’ve heard it so many times before right….get up, move, exercise, sitting is bad for you…Well a new
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Unscrambling the egg and cholesterol connection

Eggs are, in some ways, the perfect food – they are a power house of nutrition. In addition to their
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Sleep in the time of Corona

Understandably we are receiving a lot of questions about boosting immunity right now (April 2020). I
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Easing the discomfort of travel sickness

With holidays, too often comes travel sickness or motion sickness as it’s often called – basicall
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MTHFR Gene – What is it? How does it affect me? What form of folate do I need?

Recently, functional and mainstream medicine have exploded with a tremendous amount of research in
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Just a gut feeling

The Gut-Brain linkThe gut contains many of the same neurotransmitters (the cell-to-cell communicatio
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