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How to keep your silly season merry and bright

As Santa packs his sleigh and the big day fast approaches, it’s important to make sure some plans are in place to ensure we get through the Christmas season unscathed and healthy. With so many things to think about – make a list….and check it twice! Writing down lists for gifts, food pre
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Mastitis, Qiara and the probiotic story

The natural treatment for mastitis Mastitis is usually the result of a blocked milk duct that hasn't fully cleared. The milk behind the duct is forced into the connected breast tissue where it causes inflammation. If not treated straight away, the duct can become infected, painful and at wor
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The good and the bad about cholesterol

CholesterolAlthough it often gets some bad press, cholesterol is an essential lipid involved in the structure and fluidity (moving about) of cell membranes. It is also needed for hormone production, bile production, nerve cell protection and the production of vitamin D.It is both consumed through
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Natural Medicines for Mental Health. What's the Proof?

NATURAL MEDICINES FOR MENTAL HEALTHWHAT'STHE PROOF?Stress severely impacts upon the health of one in five Australians, according to the Australian Psychological Society. and the lead up to Christmas is a time when many people are more affected. There are some natural medicines that ha
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Constipation - A Common Taboo

Constipation is a topic that can be difficult to discuss, but it is very common. It’s important that we do talk about it, as a healthy functioning bowel is fundamental to good health. Normal bowel function means that a soft, well-formed stool is passed at least once per day. Constipation
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Lactose Intolerance - We all know someone

Lactose intolerance is a common cause of diarrhoea, abdominal cramping, discomfort and bloating. It is caused by an insufficiency of lactase, the enzyme which breaks down the milk sugar lactose. When lactose is broken down into simpler sugars it can be absorbed into the bloodstream from the sm
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