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The Orthoplex brand, along with it's sibling brands, Pure Innovation and Pure Oil Innovation are leaders in the practitioner-only, nutritional supplementation range.

Founded on integrity, biochemistry and a strong nutritional focus, the Orthoplex range offers practitioners a unique and scientifically excellent range of products to support them in providing their patients with the best possible health outcomes. 

Orthoplex Products

Across the range, Orthoplex offer a great range of products. One of the Natural Chemist's favourites is MagOpticell. A little more than another magnesium supplement in that it's combination of ingredients support energy production through the assistance it gives the cells. It is also shown to support cardiovascular health.

From Pure innovations, the Activated B Complex is a great formula for all the B vitamins in the required doses. It has folinic acid in the activated form (meaning your body doesn't have to work so hard). B vitamins are so important in our busy lives, as our stress levels increase, so does our need for our B vitamins.

Think you may need some B vitamin support? Call the Natural Chemist to chat with one of our experts on the best supplement for your needs.

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The Natural Chemist also stocks Orthoplex White label products. Please contact us for advice on the best options for your health needs.

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