The Power of Antioxidants – TAIGA Professional A320

The Power of Antioxidants - TAIGA Professional A320 

Taiga is a Russian word, that represents a biome, or large forest consisting mainly of coniferous pine trees. The taiga which informs the name of the TAIGA professional range of supplements, refers to the largest pine forest in the world; that stretches across Northern Europe, Asia and North America.

The power of the TAIGA professional products is informed by the robust nature of the pine needles the product is derived from. As a coniferous tree, they do not shed their needles during the cold of Winter (unlike the majority of deciduous trees). The forests they reside in have long Winters that last for a good nine months of the year– a testament to strength and power of the plant, that it can withstand such a climate. This strength infers the potential of TAIGA professional A320.

 Ever stood within a massive forest? It’s a great way to flip your perspective on the world; a vast landscape flooded with billions of trees is a sure-fire way to make your problems feel mighty small!

Why Would You Use TAIGA Professional A320?

TAIGA Professional A320 is a potent antioxidant supplement that works to;

  • Cleanse and detoxify the body

  • Fight cellular damage

  • Prevent oxidative stress

  • Remove toxic heavy metals

  • Boost the immune system

So What Is An Antioxidant Anyway? 

The human body is made up of millions of molecules– they’re the baseline substance which make up cells, tissues, organs, body systems and bodies! Molecules rely on stability and balance from positively charged protons and negatively charged electrons. If a molecule loses an electron, it becomes unbalanced, rendering it vulnerable to free radical damage. 

A free radical is an unstable, electrically charged molecule with the potential to quickly react negatively with other molecules. Free radicals can even interfere with the body’s production of DNA and change its outcome.

An antioxidant on the other hand, prevents the destructive effects of free radicals by donating a negatively-charged electron. Opposites attract, so this donation reinstates the stability of a molecule, preventing it from being able to create damage within the body.

Antioxidants help to prevent, control and counteract cellular damage, protect DNA replication, prolong ageing and balance the immune system and its responses. By managing these things, antioxidants intercept disease formation; which is perhaps their biggest role yet.

Where Are Antioxidants Found?

 Plants! Primarily in brightly pigmented fruits and vegetables; leafy greens, purple beetroot, orange sweet potatoes and carrots, red berries, etc. Antioxidant-rich plants are assessed against a specific score which denotes their free radical-scavenging potential. The oxygen radical absorption capacity, or ORAC score determines how efficiently a plant absorbs or eliminates free radicals.

Some of the highest rating ORAC foods include;

  • Goji berries

  • Blueberries

  • Dark chocolate

  • Pecans

  • Artichoke

  • Kidney beans

Why Choose TAIGA Professional A320?

You may be thinking “Can’t I just get my antioxidants from my diet every day?”, to which we’d say “Yes!” However, TAIGA Professional A320 is on a complete other level to even the highest-rated ORAC antioxidant-rich food. It possesses extremely potent adaptogenic and free-radical scavenging properties. When used in clinical trial as an antioxidant for inflammatory and free radical-inducing conditions including; radiation exposure and chronic viral hepatitis, TAIGA Professional A320 improved conditions by more than 40% when compared with placebo.

What Makes TAIGA Professional A320 So Special?

TAIGA Professional A320 is a formula containing purely coniferous pine needles, however these pine needles are filled with key nutrients that together, provide the potent antioxidant action the product is known for.

    1. Chlorophyll

This naturally-occurring compound is what gives green plants and algae their statement green hue. Chlorophyll is highly alkalising, aids in the removal of heavy metals and assists detoxification within the body.

     2. Resin Acids

Resin acids possess strong antibacterial action. They are unique as they have the potential to selectively burst open, and kill pathogenic microbial cells, which are likely to cause infection. Their selectivity is noteworthy, as it esnures that the integrity and overall health of well-functioning cells throughout the body is maintained.  

   3. Carotenoids

TAIGA Professional A320 is rich in two carotenoids specifically; lutein and xeaxanthin. Carotenoids improve the efficacy and functioning of the body’s immune response by increasing the production of antibodies, which neutralise toxins and help destroy harmful bacteria, viruses and infected cells.

  4. Fat Soluble Vitamins

TAIGA Professional A320 is rich in vitamin E and vitamin K. Vitamin E greatly contributes to the overall antioxidant potential of TAIGA Professional A320 as it protects the fatty bilayer that surrounds all cells from being affected by free radical damage. Vitamin K is relevant also, as it helps to regulate normal blood coagulation and balance calcium levels in bone.

Is TAIGA Professional A320 Right for You?

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