OxyMin Colostrum 500g

OxyMin Colostrum 500g
  • OxyMin Colostrum 500g
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Oxymin Colostrum: 100% pure premium colostrum is collected from first milking only, harvested within 16 hours of parturition (calving). Colostrum from first milking has significantly higher levels of proline-rich polypeptides (PRPs), immunoglobulins (Ig), and other important nutrient factors. Processed using low-heat flash pasteurization and indirect drying to preserve efficacy and bio-activity, the colostrum is then fat reduced to concentrate protein levels (approx 64%) and maintain the PRPs. Oxymin Colostrum is critically controlled at every step of production, sampled, tested and analyzed by advanced chromatography technology to ensure a pure, nutrient dense and microbially safe product for you to enjoy.
Features: Our Oxymin Colostrum is collected from first milking colostrum (8-16 hours after birth of the calf) year-round from large local dairy farms, between 5000 to 16000 cows. These cows are fed by grasses grown at or near the dairy and the feed is transported within 2 miles to the cows. All supplying dairies certify that the cows are free from hormones, BSE, rBGH and antibiotics at the time of calving. Our manufacturer is annually audited for BSE compliance. All agglomerated and non-instantized colostrum products are from bovine animals, free from GMO, and dairies collected are from herds that have not been exposed to any form of gene therapy. The suppliers certify they do not add melamine nor hydrolyzed leather protein to the raw colostrum. Our manufacturer's quality control department confirms these results in-house and independently in certified laboratories. Suppliers guarantee they do not use estradiol or prolactin the the food chain. Our manufacturer does not irradiate any of its colostrum powders fit for human consumption.
Serving suggestion: Add 1 teaspoon to food, water, milk or your favourite beverage.
Nutrition Profile: Serving size: 5g Average quantity per 5g serve Average quantity per 100g Protein 3200mg 32,000mg Total immunoglobulins 1200mg 12,000mg Lactoferrin 65mg 650mg Proline-rich polypeptides (PRPs) 225mg 2250mg Lactose 1050mg 10,500mg Total fat 135mg 1350mg Saturated fat 80mg 800mg Energy 84kJ 840kJ Vitamin A 37.5mcg 375mcg Vitamin B 315mcg 3150mcg Vitamin C 0.65mcg 6.5mcg Vitamin E 0.55mcg 5.5mcg Folic acid 4.25mcg 42.5mcg Calcium 48.3mg 966mg Magnesium 7.6mg 966mg Sodium 29.9mg 598mg Potassium 66mg 1320mg


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