New folate product available in Australia

Recently available, TGA-listed, active folate product now available in Australia!

Folate and methylation – what is it all about?

Folate is an a B-group vitamin (B9), a vital nutrient required by the body for a number of important processes. Once ingested, either dietary or supplement form, it is a key driver of the methylation cycle.

Methylation cycle: a critical process of inter-related biochemical reactions that occur in every cell of the body and are required for all crucial functions including:

  • detoxification
  • energy production
  • maintaining and regulating our genes
  • mood balance and stabilisation (including healthy sleep patterns)
  • controlling inflammation

You may be confused by all the different terms used for folate, so here is a simplified explanation


MTHFR gene mutations: (C667T and/or A1298C) can mean that the body doesn’t have the complete ability to process folate fully and therefore, people with any of these mutations can struggle to get enough folate into the important methylation cycle to keep everything moving as needed.

For these people, it is important to make the metabolisation of folate as easy as possible, and thereby removing steps to breakdown the folate. The great news is, there is now an active form of folate available in Australia for the first time. BioOne L 5-MTHF by Spectrumceuticals

Part of a Practitioner-only range, this product must be prescribed under the guidance of a qualified healthcare practitioner such as a GP or naturopath.

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