Mutaflor Escherichia Coli Strain Nissle 1917

Mutaflor Probiotics

The last five years have paved the way for a huge saturation concerning gut health in the health and wellness world. Nowadays, gut health is promoted all over the internet, on television, radio and what seems like every street corner, and for what reason? Is it really as crucial as it’s cracked up to be?


The short answer is a massive YES. The crux of the majority of illness and disease is that it begins in the gut... Why? Aside from the fact our bodies are made up of more bacteria than anything else, the gut has three major roles that affect our entire body;

  1. Houses more than 70% of our immune system

  2. Allows direct communication between the brain and the gut via the Vagus nerve

  3. Produces many important hormones

These roles are crucial daily processes our bodies undergo– procrastination is not on our body’s radar! That being said, without the correct bacterial make-up, our body simply can’t do these jobs to the best of its ability.

Probiotic Suitability

If you suffer with gut symptoms like gas, bloating, pain, diarrhoea, constipation, or unexplained weight loss, we strongly recommend visiting a Doctor, Nutritionist, or Naturopath who can conduct a full health case taking, specific to you and develop an appropriate treatment plan. A suitable probiotic, with bacterial strains specific to what your individual body needs, is likely to be a part of your treatment plan. The Natural Chemist team is made up of Pharmacists, Nutritionists and Naturopaths– if you are presenting with any of the aforementioned symptoms, we would love to help you.
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So you’ve heard of probiotics? How does MutaFlor fit in?

Not all probiotics are created equal. Probiotics are either made as individual strains of bacteria, or as a combination of multiple strains that work together synergistically, targeting specific health conditions and promoting digestive well being. There are literally billions of strains of bacteria, all with different therapeutic benefits. Not all probiotics are created equally, which is why it’s important to seek professional advice to ensure the one you take, is right for your current digestive needs.

Mutaflor is a single-strain probiotic of Escherichia Coli (E. Coli), first discovered by Professor Alfred Nissle in 1917, within the faeces of a soldier who fought during World War I and surprisingly did not suffer from dysentery or any other digestive diseases. This discovered strain has also been named Escherichia Coli strain Nissle 1917 (EcN) accordingly, after Nissle himself.

So you’ve heard E. Coli make you sick?

Like all probiotics, there are multiple strains of E. Coli. You’re right in thinking that you’ve heard about dangerous E. Coli breakouts and recalls in various food products. There are six different pathogenic (harmful) E. Coli strains which are often toxin-producing and always associated with diarrhoea symptoms. The specific E.coli strain that comprises Mutaflor is not associated with producing toxins, or diarrhoea.

Is E. Coli the missing piece to the digestive discomfort puzzle?

Mutaflor has quite the opposite action of it’s harmful namesake strains. In fact, For such a specific probiotic strain, Mutaflor has a wide variety of applications;

  • Chronic constipation

  • Chronic Fatigue

  • Ulcerative Colitis

  • Diarrhoea

  • Antibiotic use

So, how does Mutaflor differ to other probiotics?

Firstly, Mutaflor is a single-strain probiotic. The majority of other probiotics contain multiple strains for broad-spectrum, varied gut bacteria. This alone, separates Mutaflor from other probiotics, highlighting its relevance for specific health conditions. The various actions of different strains of bacteria has been widely studied. Mutaflor has many strain-specific properties;

  • Colonization: Mutaflor has been clinically proven to adhere to the intestines and promote colonization, ensuring the body won’t deplete its levels of Escherichia Coli strain Nissile 1917 (which is usually the reason Mutaflor is chosen in a therapeutic plan).

  • Biofilms: Mutaflor creates its own biofilms (protective layer) around itself to ensure its positive bacteria qualities stick around, to scare away the real baddies (pathogens like parasites, etc)!

  • Resilience: Mutaflor is a strong, persistent (good) bacteria that isn’t easily deterred. It possesses vitality and resilience due to its ability to uptake iron from bad bacterial pathogens and essentially starve them, as they require iron to persist themselves!

Is Mutaflor right for you?

This is a question for your practitioner. As a practitioner-only supplement, it’s crucial that you consult with your GP, Naturopath or Nutritionist to ascertain whether Mutaflor is right for you.

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