MedLab W8Biotic - Probiotics Formulation for Weight Loss

Medlab W8biotics MedLab W8Biotic is a unique dietary supplement, formulated to support lean body mass, assist with weight management, and manage healthy blood glucose levels.

W8Biotic is a unique formulation made up of:

  • Hi-Maize Resistant starch
  • Probiotics
  • Amino acids

Together, these ingredients help to improve satiety, assist with digestion and promote the proliferation of good, friendly bacteria within the intestines.

High-Maize Resistant Starch

The effectiveness of W8Biotic for weight management is due to its primary ingredient; Hi-Maize Resistant Starch. Resistant starch has two key actions:

  1. Triggers the release of hormones that induce satiety, keeping you feeling full and satisfied for longer.
  2. Promotes slow digestion of glucose within the body, which prevents the all-familiar sugar crash and burn (which only leads you reaching for more sugar!).

Hi-Maize Resistant Starch achieves the above actions because it is an ideal source of fuel within the intestines. Within the digestion process, Hi-Maize Resistant Starch produces the fatty acid Butyrate which; suppresses appetite by positively affecting the release of hormones within the body which make us feel full and encourages the body to burn fat to use as energy (as opposed to just glucose).


We’ve all heard that probiotics are good for us and good for our intestines in particular. This statement is very true however, probiotics have their own specific actions. The probiotic strains found within W8Biotic include: Lactobacillus paracasei and Lactobacillus plantarum. The action of these probiotic strains help to calm inflammation within the gut, reducing common complaints like bloating and abdominal pain. Additionally, these probiotic strains (like resistant starch) increase Leptin- body’s key satiety hormone, ensuring you feel fuller for longer.

For patients battling obesity and cardiovascular issues, these probiotic strains have also been shown to lower triglycerides and LDL (bad) cholesterol levels within the body.

Amino Acids

W8Biotic contains the amino acids Leucine and Carnitine, both of which are very highly indicated in the management of a healthy body weight. Leucine in particular, is crucial in the regulation process of healthy blood glucose levels. A balanced blood glucose level ensures satiation, prevents us from reaching for sugar for instant energy and allows our body to utilise fat for energy, rather than just sugar (glucose).

The amino acid carnitine helps the body control and regulate energy expenditure, thus preventing excessive eating and assisting with weight management.

When combined with a healthy diet, W8Biotic is a fantastic supplementary weight management tool with very sound results, rooted in research.

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