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Integrative, functional test referrals

At the Natural Chemist we offer referrals for functional and integrative tests that help us, and your other healthcare practitioners, to identify the underlying causes of your illness, as well as providing tools for preventing disease and premature aging. 


We use 2 of the leading laboratories - NutriPATH and Research Nutrition - to offer a broad spectrum of over 100 tests covering endocrine, gastrointestinal, immune, metabolic and nutritional balance. 


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Tests available


Adrenal stress profile

Comprehensive thyroid profile

Cortisol profile

Sleep profile

Female hormone profile

Oestrogen metabolites

Osteoporosis markers

Androgen profile

Male hormone profile


Gut health/function

Coeliac profile

IBS/IBD inflammatory markers

Clostridium difficile


Comprehensive digestive stool analysis (5 levels)

Food sensitivity profiles (variety of tests available)

Helicobacter pylori

Intestinal permeability

Pancreatic enzymes

Parasitology profile

Candida antibodies


Metabolic analysis

Cardiovascular profile

Cytokine panel




Liver detox profile

Mauve Factor (Kryptopyrroles)


Organic acids

Oxidative stress profiles

Nutritional analysis

Amino acids


Coenzyme Q10


Essential fatty acids

Omega 3


Hair mineral analysis


Obesity genetic profile


Essential mineral analysis

Heavy metals



Contact us now to discuss you requirements with one of our expert team T: 1300 882 303


We can also refer for routine pathology such as full blood count and biochemistry.

Please note: all referrals via the Natural Chemist are NOT covered on Medicare. Costs for the testing will be taken by the lab at time of referral before the test is completed.