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Ethical Nutrients offer a broad range of high-quality, scientifically studied products, created by natural medicine experts.

Best known for the 'little blue men' in their Inner Health Plus probiotic range, Ethical Nutrients offer a very comprenhensive range of high-quality probiotics for many different conditions, as well as products for immunity, sleep, heart health, liver support and brain health.

Ethical Nutrients Products

High-strength fish oil: clean and clear!

There's a lot of information around about the quality of fish oil. With Ethical Nutrients high-strength fish oil you be assured it is clean and also manufactured with a clear conscience :-)

Ethical Nutrients exclusively selects wild caught fish that are naturally rich in essential fatty acids and low in contaminants - such as heavy metals, PCBs and dioxins.

They also take responsibility for the environment, being a Friend of the Sea - a non-profit organisation that aims to conserve the health of the ocean by adhering to stringent guidelines that safeguard the seabed, protect endangered species and ensure the sustainability of the selected fish through eco-friendly fishing methods.

Great magnesium complexes

Supporting energy, muscle relaxation, helps relieves aches and pains and helps sleep.

Magnesium is porbably the most important mineral for energy production as it is what powers our body's cells to produce what you need to get up and go! When we get busy and have a lot on our plates, magnesium can often be what you need to get back on track, helping you refuel. The more stressed we are the more magnesium is needed to keep us going, and as such, we can become depleted.

Ethical Nutrients offer a range of magnesium supplements to suit different needs, and they also come in both capsules and powder.

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