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Eagle began with the product now known as Tresos-B. From this small, pioneering acorn, grew a large oak, with the company now producing a range of quality, natural supplements supporting optimal health and wellbeing.

Their philosophy - that personal health improvement must be the primary goal for all of us to achieve a better quality of life. A philosophy realised through their commitment to producing products that are both clinically and cost effective.

The Eagle product range includes:

  • immune supporting: Beta A-C Tablets
  • energy and metabolism support: Sublingual B12, Tresos-B, Vit E
  • preconception and pregnancy: Tresos Natal
  • blood sugar control: Gluco Support, Chrome
  • bone health: Vit D3, Bone Matrix Support, Hernidisc
  • digestive support: Digestaid

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Phone: 1300 882 303

Email: info@naturalchemist.com.au