We compound both pharmacy medicines and natural medicines!


Medicinal compounding is the practice of preparing customised medicines according to a practitioner’s prescription to address a patient’s unique set of conditions, tolerances, and preferences. The advantages of compounding include:


  1. We can personalise your dose based on your age, weight, severity of disease and we can change the dose according to your response to treatment.
  2. We can eliminate unwanted ingredients such as colours, flavours and unnecessary preservatives
  3. Compounded medicines can be prepared without unnecessary fillers that may impact the absorption or tolerance of the drug, including lactose and gluten
  4. Alternative dose forms can be prepared to improve the acceptability of a medicine, such as oral liquids, capsules, sublingual troches, suppositories and pessaries
  5. We can formulate a compounded nutritional medicine to include the ingredients from multiple commercially available products so that you can take one product with all the active ingredients that you need and none that you don’t.

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