Do you need compounded medicine?


Compounded medicines are a mixture of drugs that create a medication for

specific needs. We have recently started compounding medicines at Greenwich

Pharmacy as it allows us to customise individual solutions for your needs when

readily available medicines cannot achieve this. We decided to start compounding

as there are so many examples of its usefulness, such as

  • You may require a particular non-essential ingredient to be removed from
    your medicine eg a particular preservative in a cream may cause irritation, or an
  • additive may cause allergies. Other examples include lactose, gluten, dyes and sugar.
  • You may experience side effects from taking a medicine in tablet form. Applying
  • it topically as a cream may overcome this problem.
  • A medicine is available in a form that you find difficult to use e.g topical
  • steroids in cream form. We can make them as lotions which are easier to apply,
    for example scalp psoriasis. Or you may have trouble swallowing tablets so need a
    medicine compounded as a liquid or even as a cream to be applied topically.
  • A child may not tolerate the flavour of the formulations that are on the market. 
  • A combination product may be more convenient than taking multiple doses of
  • individual products.
  • Many vitamin supplements are in fixed dose combinations, which may not be
  • exactly what you need. Sometimes it can be hard to find exactly the right mix, so
    now we will be able to make it up just as you need it.
  • A medication that works for you may be discontinued as it is not profitable for
  • the pharmaceutical company to continue to make it. If the medicine is proven to be
    safe and effective, and it is available in its pure chemical form we can continue to
    make it for you.
    • Your pet may need medicine and won't take it in a tablet form. We can make it up as a
      chewy treat" for them in beef or tuna flavor! We can also compound it so that
      the dose is just right for your pet without having to halve or quarter tablets.

    I'm excited about compounding as it gives us the opportunity to find solutions to ;problems 

    that we previously were not able to help with. Please ask us if you think we

    may be able to help you.

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