Cholesterol and Colourful food

Cholesterol and Colourful food

There are many large-scale clinical trials that prove that lowering 

cholesterol reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Cholesterol 

is a significant risk factor for cardiovascular disease (CVD) and should 

be considered alongside all the other risk factors, such as weight, exercise,

smoking, high blood pressure, age, family history and diabetes.


One diet which has shown to be useful in the management of cholesterol 

levels is the Mediterranean diet. A diet high in fruit and vegetables such

as the Mediterranean diet reduces the risk of CVD as well as many other

diseases. Fruits and vegetables are high in dietary fibre that binds bile in

the small intestine, forcing our bodies to use up our cholesterol to make more bile. 

This naturally lowers cholesterol levels. Colourful fruits and vegetables are also high

n anti-oxidants, which decrease the oxidation of cholesterol and many other substances

in our bodies, thus reducing the damage that they do. 

The Mediterranean lifestyle includes one glass of red wine and exercise every day, 

which both lower cholesterol levels significantly. The main source of fat is olive oil, 

which lowers cholesterol, normalises blood clotting and improves glucose levels, 

all reducing cardiovascular risk.


As with most issues pertaining to health, a balanced approach

is important. You need to consider your overall cardiovascular

risk, which can be modified through the use of diet, exercise and

medicines. Please contact us for more information.

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