Blackmores Prof Sodical Plus 84t

Blackmores Prof Sodical Plus 84t Blackmores Prof Sodical Plus 84t
  • Blackmores Prof Sodical Plus 84t
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Sodium, Calcium and Iron phosphates are for mineral supplementation.
Combines sodium phosphate, calcium phosphate and iron phosphate in a single tablet. When prescribed by a healthcare professional Sodical Plus is generally well tolerated at the recommended dose and may be prescribed for infants, children, pregnant and lactating women, and the elderly. The easy-to-swallow tablet can be halved or crushed to facilitate low-dose prescribing for infants and children. Prescribing Information Calcium, iron and phosphate are essential for the structure and function of bones, teeth and red blood cells during childhood and other periods of rapid growth and development. Sodium and phosphate are involved in the regulation of extracellular fluid and pH. Growth and development: Calcium plays a key role in mitotic division, the process in which cells divide and the growth process occurs. It is needed in increased quantities during times of rapid growth or cell turnover, including childhood, adolescence and pregnancy. Phosphate is an essential element in all human cells and, like calcium, is necessary for normal growth and development, and required in increased amounts during times of growth. Calcium phosphate is taken up by the skeleton, and is an essential nutrient for the growth and development of bone and teeth. Energy production: Phosphate is incorporated into intracellular compounds such as ATP and cyclic AMP and consequently plays an integral role in energy production. Haematology: Due to its role as a component of haemoglobin, iron plays a vital role in the structure and function of healthy blood. Phosphate acts as a regulator of iron phosphate absorption, and forms part of ferritin, the iron storage complex. It is also incorporated into 2,3 diphosphoglycerate (2,3 DPG, a compound in red blood cells that regulates oxygen release by haemoglobin). Calcium is involved in red blood cell production. Acid-base balance: One of the body's important mechanisms for maintaining intracellular acid-base balance is the phosphate buffer system, in which sodium monohydrogen phosphate and sodium dihydrogen phosphate act as efficient buffers in acid and alkaline conditions respectively.
Adults: Take 1 tablet 2 times a day with meals, or as professionally prescribed. Children under 12 years: As professionally prescribed. Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.
Each tablet contains: Sodium phosphate - dibasic anhydrous 200mg (elemental sodium 64.8mg) Calcium phosphate 100mg (elemental calcium 38.8mg) Iron phosphate 12mg (elemental iron 4mg) each tablet contains lactose 140mg
Caution may be required in some patients due to sodium and iron content. Sodical Plus may interact with certain other medications your patients may be taking. Iron and calcium may decrease the absorption and efficacy of some medications. Sodical Plus should be administered at least 2 hours apart from methyldopa, carbidopa, levodopa, thyroid hormone, penicillamine, tetracyclines, quinolones and bisphosphonates.


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