Black Chicken Love Your Face Pack

Black Chicken Love Your Face Pack
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Features and Benefits 

Three simple steps to love your face 

What do you give the part of your body that expresses your emotions, allows you to see the world and changes as you do? Our Love Your Face Pack of course! These three gorgeous products will cleanse, hydrate and intensively nourish your face when incorporated into your daily skincare ritual.


Cleanse My Face – a deeply calming oil cleanser that uses 14 remedial oils to soothe skin and dissolving impurities without the use of harsh chemicals. It effortlessly removes makeup and dirt without disturbing your skin’s natural oil balance.

Hydrate My Face – this botanical hydration and toning mist uses pure grapefruit and camomile floral water to calm and hydrate the skin, Witch Hazel to tone and re-balance, plus the pure organic essential oils of Lavender and Mandarin to leave the skin supple and energised.

Love Your Face Serum – an indulgent anti-ageing, deeply penetrative, skin boosting, super hydrating, plumping face serum. This incredibly luxurious serum continues to nourish and protect your delicate facial skin all day whilst still allowing it to breathe.


Step One: Using a warm face cloth (or our muslin cloth), gently heat your skin and the steam will loosen dirt in your pores. Apply a few pumps of our Cleanse Your Face and massage into your skin for around a minute. Again using a warm cloth, wipe away the debris trapped in the cleanser and inhale the relaxing oils.

Step Two: Spritz 2-4 times with our Hydrate My Face mist and enjoy inhaling its invigorating smell.

Step Three: While your face is still moist, apply a few drops of our Love Your Face Serum to your fingertips and massage it lovingly into your skin.

And that’s it! Over time your skin will begin to rebalance itself and respond to natures remedies with a healthy glow.




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