Bergamet Berga Femme 60 tablets

Bergamet Berga Femme 60 tablets
  • Bergamet Berga Femme 60 tablets
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Key Benefits and Features: 

The ingredients in BergaFemme have been shown to help support cardiometabolic health and libido.

Maca may help relieves symptoms of menopausal discomfort in normal healthy women.

Tribulus terrestris and Damiana (Tumera diffusa) have been traditionally used to help with sexual function and libido.

Contains 5 powerful antioxidant flavonoids that may help support healthy cholesterol and blood glucose levels in normal healthy individuals.

May improve overall lipid profile

May lower blood glucose levels

May reduce body fat and lower blood pressure

May improve liver function and decrease fat in the liver

May increase libido and sexual potency

May increase the body's production of pregnenolone, progesterone and estrogen

May helps with the hormonal imbalances common with menopause

May help decrease symptoms like hot flushes, night sweating, vaginal dryness and mood swings



Tribulus terrestris conc. Extract equiv. dry root ----------------------------------------------- 5.55g

Equiv. furostanol saponins calc. as protodioscin -------------------------------------------- 67.5mg

(Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris) 

Lepidium meyenii (Maca) conc. Extract equiv. dry tuber ----------------------------------- 4g

Tumera diffusa (Damiana) conc. Extract equiv. dry leaf ------------------------------------ 600mg

Zinc (as oxide) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5mg

Citrus aurantium (Bergamot) 99 ------------------ 500mg

Equiv. to 50g of fruit juice

Other ingredients: Calsium carbonate, cellulose, silicondioxide, cellulosegam, magnesium stearate (vegetable source), carnauba wax.

No colors, flavors or preservatives. Free of wheat, gluten, fish, egg, dairy and lactose.



Take 1 tablet twice daily.





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