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Probiotics Delivery

  • All probiotic orders are shipped with an ice pack(excludes shelf stable probiotics)probiotics-thermometer.png
  • We only ship probiotics Monday to Thursday (Friday orders are held till Monday)
  • Our policies comply with the manufacturer’s guidelines
  • We recommend you select Express Post


How do we look after your probiotics?

At Natural Chemist we do our best to maximise the time that your probiotics are kept at the recommended storage temperature of 2-8°C. We do this by keeping probiotics orders in our fridge until just before we send them with the courier. We always recommend sending probiotics by Express Post and only on Mondays to Thursdays, to minimise time spent in transit. We package probiotics in a cold bag with a small ice pack, which will have been keeping your products cool for at least the first part of its journey to you. We have been reassured by our suppliers that their probiotics are stable for at least the time that it takes to be transported to you.


Feedback from customers on how we handle probioticsprobiotics-delivery-customer-feedback-1.png




Manufacturer statements on handling probiotics:


Metagenics - Results of tests show that Metagenics and Ethical Nutrients probiotics are stable at 40°C for 2 days, 30°C for 2 weeks and 20°C for 4 months. The glass bottles used for probiotic manufacturing are made of a protective material, that even when warm to touch, protects the probiotics inside. 


Mutaflor - Should always be refrigerated at 2-8 degrees celcius, however a short break – up to 72 hours at room temperature, is possible without any loss of efficacy. 


Medlab - All Medlab probiotics are manufactured to be stable at room temperature for up to four months, from the date of production. Refrigeration is suggested, however these probiotics will be just as efficient out of the fridge for a short holiday and especially in transit.


Bio Practica - Shelf life of up to 2 years when maintained at 25 degrees Celsius! Absolutely okay in transport. 


Bioceuticals - Testing shows that after 4 days of storage at both 30°C and 37°C the number of colony forming units (CFUs) is still 25% more than is stated on the product labels (at 5 days it's still above label speficied CFU). The reason for this is that they include an overage in all products to ensure that label claims are met during the shelf life. Their probiotics are manufactured in humidity and temperature controlled environments using freeze drying and micro encapsulation methods to improve stability. The dose forms and packaging they use are chosen to minimise exposure to air and moisture which further promotes stability.


Spectrumceuticals - Stability data shows that Spectrumceutical probiotics are shelf stable for up to one month. Their products are tested by storing them at 30°C for 1 month , then the number of bacteria in the products are counted. The number of colony forming units (CFUs) exceeds the listed quantity on the labels. The colonies counted after exposing the products at 42°C for 2 weeks. This is due to their manufacturing practice of putting an overage of at least 30% in each product when they are being produced.


Orthoplex - MultiGen and MultiFlora have been studies to withstand temperatures up to 30°C for up to 11 days. Orthoplex Ultra Pure GG is currently being trialed, though there is exisiting data that suggests this probiotic can withstand temperatures up to 30°C for up to four days.


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