Self care - the art of meeting your own needs

The power of self care is truly amazing. Once we start to choose ourselves, nourish ourselves and care for ourselves, we finally start to feel as if we are worthy. Once we commit to self care, we start to become aware of the limiting behaviours and, over time, start to replace them with healthier ones. Most of all, when we are caring for ourselves, our capacity to give and love is increased exponentially.

Self care is like an energetic bank account – we deposit or withdraw energy whenever we need or want to. However, our accounts, like the financial ones, have limits! Our very cherished, emotional accounts have a certain amount of energy, and if we withdraw it all in small amounts over time without making any deposits, we will end up empty. The feelings attached to this ’empty’ are exhaustion, anger, resentment, frustration and possibly many physical presentations associated with unrecognised and unacknowledged feelings.

Self care rituals are deposits into our energy bank account. When we look after ourselves by taking a bath, going for a surf, cooking and eating a healthy meal, laughing with friends, getting into nature, or reading a good book, we top-up this energy account for when we need to draw on it again. Too many of us are in debt having constantly drawn on the account without topping it up.

Self care is a wholly unselfish act – although many of us would feel the opposite before we get in to a groove of prioritising it.

True self-care is ensuring that all of our needs are met — the more obvious mental and physical, as well as the spiritual and emotional. It requires self-awareness and, most of all, courage.

Whether it’s about saying ‘no’ to others or ‘yes’ to ourselves, we need to be brave and wise — and be there for ourselves.

A recent global health review found that only 4% of people worldwide reported having no health problems at all in 2013, whilst over 2 billion had more than 5 health issues. The reported health issues were in the main physical ailments, but many were linked to, or included mental/stress related issues. Many were, or are, preventable – with the art and practice of self care.

So what can you do to ensure you’re getting enough self-love in this ever-busy world?

  • Feed yourself good food. It doesn’t have to be complicated, think fresh and colourful and make sure you’re drinking plenty of water/clear fluids
  • Move everyday – find a way to move that you enjoy, that brings a smile. We can move in so many ways – dance, walk, run, stretch – find your groove!
  • Make sleep a priority – resting allows our body and mind to heal, restore and detox. There are many metabolic processes that only happen when we are sleeping.
  • Make your heart sing – dance, paint, watch your favourite movie. What makes you really feel warm and fuzzy inside? Do it…as often as possible
  • Be alone – give yourself time to stop, reflect and ‘just be’
  • Be grateful – wake up each day and consciously become aware of something you are grateful for – family, the beautiful sunshine, your health…it doesn’t need to be anything huge, keep it simple, it’s the practice of being grateful that counts
  • Breathe – consciously breathing deeply activates our relaxation response. Breath is the simplest self-care tool available
  • Practice kindness where ever possible…and it’s always possible                                                                              Giving yourself permission to take care of yourself is probably the best thing you can do for the people in your life. Not only will you be happier and healthier, but those around you will be, too.

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