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Psyllium fiber comes from the small reddish brown to black seeds of the Plantago psyllium plant. Plantago grows as a weed in many places around the world and is commercially cultivated in Spain, France, India, Pakistan and other countries. Various species of the plant are used in herbal medicine, most commonly the seeds of P. psyllium and P. ovata. Psyllium is an inexpensive source of soluble fiber (the kind of fiber that blends with water), it’s particularly suitable for people who don’t eat enough fiber-rich foods, such as whole grains (oats are particularly rich in soluble fiber), beans, fruits and vegetables. It is also potent remedy for various digestive ailments because it acts as an “intestinal broom,” sweeping out toxins as it winds its way through the digestive tract. Psyllium fiber may assist to lower blood cholesterol levels safely and effectively. Psyllium can help to normalize bowel function in a wide variety of disorders especially with constipation.


The usual dosage is 1-3 heaped tsps two or three times a day.








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