The Ultimate Herbal Compendium by Kerry Bone

The Ultimate Herbal Compendium by Kerry Bone
  • The Ultimate Herbal Compendium by Kerry Bone
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The Ultimate Herbal Compendium is a reliable, ready reference designed for the busy health practitioner. It contains up-to-date, easily found information on a wide range of herbs and conditions, including doses for herbs in tablet form as well as liquids. Careful research of all the available herbal information combined with Kerry Bone's extensive clinical practice ensures that all valid herbal treatment options can be considered. Compact, user-friendly desktop style in a durable ring-bound format. Authoritative and credible information from one of the world's leading herbalists. Over 400 medical conditions and 190 herbs covered. Detailed example protocols for 50 major conditions listed. A full bibliography outlines all sources used. An invaluable memory prompt for the experienced practitioner and a quick reference for younger herbal practitioners. Provides current and accurate information on herbal remedies, their actions, indications, dosage, contra-indications and herb-drug interactions. Comprehensive listing of herbs by their actions. Glossary provides definitions of herbal actions. Contains clear instructions on how to use this compendium.


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