Solprin 300mg 96 Tablets

Solprin 300mg 96 Tablets
  • Solprin 300mg 96 Tablets
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Solprin (NSAID) is a dispersible tablet used to reduce inflammation, which the body produces in reaction to an injury or infection, as a way of healing the body.

AUST R 59902


Adults, and teenagers over the age of 16, can take aspirin. Low-dose aspirin (up to 150 mg a day) can also be taken for a long period of time to act as a 'blood thinner', helping to prevent a heart attack or stroke. Children aged between 12 and 16 should only take aspirin following medical advice. Always follow the instructions on the medicines label or those given by your doctor or pharmacist to make sure that you take the correct dose you don't exceed the maximum recommended dose.


Aspirin 300mg.


You may not be able to take aspirin if you are allergic to aspirin or if you: are pregnant, have stomach ulcers currently or have had them in the past, have a condition that means you bleed very easily, have liver problems, have asthma, have heart failure, have high blood pressure. If you are pregnant, or you or your child has any of the medical conditions listed above, talk to your doctor or pharmacist before taking aspirin. Avoid taking aspirin if you are breastfeeding, as it passes into breast milk. It's important that you tell your health professional about all the medicines you are taking - including prescription, over-the-counter and complementary (herbal, natural, vitamins or mineral supplements) medicines as they may interact. Always check with your doctor or pharmacist about whether your medicines are safe to take with aspirin.


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