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Sleep Nurse Sleeping Aid - Front - Natural Chemist
  • Sleep Nurse Sleeping Aid - Front - Natural Chemist
  • Sleep Nurse Sleeping Aid - diagonal- Natural Chemist
  • Sleep Nurse Sleeping Aid - back - Natural Chemist
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Sleep Nurse has been specifically developed to assist new babies, used to a noisy womb, settle off to sleep with a minimum of fuss.

Choose from 6 relaxing sounds developed in consultation with medical professionals to assist you in getting a better night’s sleep.

Adults love Sleep Nurse too. If you, or someone you love is a light sleeper, travels a lot, suffers from tinnitus, works shifts or has noisy neighbours, Sleep Nurse is ideal.

Sleep nurse works to mask unwanted noise and creates a calming cacooning environment. Discreet and attractive, Sleep Nurse looks great by the bed side, plays your favourite tunes and helps you off to sleep too.

Sleep Nurse is based on decades of research into white noise that’s been clinically proven to assist sleep via its effect on brain correlations. A study by The Institute of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Royal Postgraduate Medical School, London, found babies exposed to white noise were three times more likely to fall asleep (increased from 25% to 80%). Testing of pink noise at Peking University, China, found 75% of study participants achieved a more restful sleep and their stable sleep increased by 23%.


Unique Features:

  • Plays 7 ambient sounds
  • Use Sleep Nurse as portable speaker for you iPod or MP3 player
  • Soft lavender night light
  • Original nature sounds
  • Auto timer function
  • Portable with built in battery
  • Safety tested


The seven sounds of sleep nurse:

  • RELAX – Sleep Nurse encourages brainwaves to slow to a state of healthy relaxation
    • o   Ocean surf
    • o   Rain
  • SLEEP- Sound programs slow brainwave patterns and help you achieve a deep, rejuvenating state of sleep
    • o   Pink Noise
    • o   Wind
    • o   Womb
  • RENEW- Achieve a state that is conducive to active relaxation, concentration and peak performance
    • o   Serenity
  • RECORD-  Create your very own sounds to send you or your child off to sleep


Pack  includes:

  • 1 x Sleep Nurse unit
  • 1 x power adaptor
  • 1 x audio cable


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