Mediherb Enhance Cholestahealth 200g [Discontinued]

Mediherb Enhance Cholestahealth 200g  [Discontinued] Mediherb Enhance Cholestahealth 200g  [Discontinued]
  • Mediherb Enhance Cholestahealth 200g  [Discontinued]
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Mediherb Enhance Cholestahealth is a pleasant tasting powder containing many compounds including sugar cane wax alcohols, phytosterols, lecithin, soluble and insoluble fibre from Psyllium, polyphenols from Cocoa and caffeic acid derivatives from Globe Artichoke.CholestaHealth is sweetened with a small amount of Stevia rebaudiana leaf for flavour. The constituents in CholestaHealth have been found to promote healthy blood lipids.This may be achieved partly be reducing the absorption of cholesterol from the intestine and by inhibiting acid reabsorption.

Regular use of CholestaHealth may help to:

  • Support cardiovascular health
  • Supportive to dietary measures to help maintain healthy blood lipid levels, particularly healthy blood cholesterol levels.

Suggested dosage

Adults: Take 5 grams of powder (2 x 5 ml metric spoons) twice daily with main meals. Maintenance dose equals 5 grams once daily with main meal.


Caution is advised in patients taking antiplatelet drugs. Due to the risk of anaphylaxis from Psyllium, caution is advised in patients with a history of allergies, atopy or asthma. To avoid slowing or reducing drug absorption, take just prior to meals but at least 2 hours away from medication. Phytosterols reduce the absorption of dietary carotenoids. Intake of fruit and vegetables with consumption of phytosterols is advised. Contraindicated in pregnancy, lactation, intestinal obstruction, closure of the gallbladder, individuals homozygous for sitosterolaemia and in those with known allergy to Psyllium. (Sitosterolaemia is a rare autosomal recessive disorder, in which affected individuals absorb substantial amounts of sitosterol.) Discontinue at least 7 days prior to general anaesthesia.

Active ingredients

Cynara scolymus (Globe Artichoke) extract equiv. to dry - 2.2 g

Plantago psyllium (Psyllium) dry husks - 2.0 g

Phytosterol complex (Conifer) - 925 mg

Cocoa powder - 825 mg

Lecithin - 605 mg

Sugar cane wax alcohols - 5 mg

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