Mason Pearson Cutting Comb

Mason Pearson Cutting Comb
  • Mason Pearson Cutting Comb
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A long, low-profile tapered comb. Designed for hair cutting, those with shorter hair styles or fine hair find this tapered, low-profile comb just right for their styling needs. This comb is made by hand, using traditional techniques which produce smoothly tapered teeth and rounded tips for more comfort and care. A classic "barber's" comb used for cutting hair, it features a straight line of fine, short, teeth.

Product Dimensions:  2 x 0.5 x 8 inches

Mason Pearson Combs:

Each Mason Pearson comb is handcrafted using traditional techniques. Unlike ordinary combs, each one is made from a single piece of material to provide completely seamless construction. The result is a comb designed to please in every way. First, it pleases your eye with its graceful form and the interplay of tortoiseshell tones -- unique in each and every comb. As you pick it up, it pleases your hand with its polished surface and perfectly rounded edges. Put it to work and the polished teeth glide easily through your hair as your scalp is treated gently by the smoothly rounded ends of each tooth.


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