Lugol's Iodine 0.25% 25mL (1:50 dilution of Strong Iodine Solution USP 12.5%)

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Lugol's Iodine will always be labelled with directions for use, due to the risk of overdose. We usually dispense two strengths of Lugol's.


Lugol's Iodine (strong):

Contains 5% iodine and 10% potassium iodide, to a total of 12.5% elemental iodine (12.5g/100mL).

This is equivalent to 6250 micrograms per drop, which is 5.7 times the upper safe level of intake for adults.

The practitioner may prescribe undiluted Lugol's, the dose is usually in drops (NOT in mLs) and usually 2-3 times per week (NOT 2-3 drops per day).


Diluted Lugol's iodine:

Contains 0.25% elemental iodine

In order to safely dose iodine we may dispense the diluted solution. We dilute Lugol's 1:50 (ie 0.5mL up to 25mL with water)

This is equivalent to 125ug per drop, which is within the RDI range for adults


Please refer to the Recommended Daily Intake guidelines below. 


Oral dose recommendations by life stage and gender 

Children & adolescents

1-8 years 90 microgram/day

9-13 years 120 microgram/day

14-18 years 150 microgram/day


150 microgram/day


220 microgram/day


270 microgram/day

Upper Safe Level of Intake

0-12 months - not possible to establish. Source of iodine should be milk, formula and food only

1-3 years 200 microgram per day

4-8 years 300 microgram per day

9-13 years 600 microgram per day

14-18 years (incl pregnancy and lactation) 900 microgram per day

Adults (incl pregnancy and lactation) 1,100 microgram per day



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