LifeStream Barley Grass 60 Vege Capsules

LifeStream Barley Grass 60 Vege Capsules
  • LifeStream Barley Grass 60 Vege Capsules
  • LifeStream Barley Grass 60 Vege Capsules
  • LifeStream Barley Grass 60 Vege Capsules
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Key Features and Benefits 

Are you over acidic? 

It is very easy these days to get ourselves wound up, tense and over-acidic by the busy lifestyles we lead, eating too much fast food and not taking time to include enough healthy, fresh green vegetables in our diets. Overeating and the typical acidic lifestyle (white bread, sugar, takeaways, fried, processed or refined foods, tea, coffee, cigarettes and alcohol) are the key reasons for people becoming over-acidic.

The body’s acid-alkaline balance is very important to our overall health. This balance is often overlooked when health problems are addressed. The human body is perpetually in a changing state between acid and alkaline and is continually working to maintain an ideal pH level of between 7.3 and 7.4. Lifestream Barley Grass helps balance this process.

Babies are born in a very alkaline state and over time we can become more and more acidic. However, all is not lost - the body can regain its natural alkaline balance by eating highly alkaline foods such as green leafy vegetables, fresh seasonal fruits, pulses and nutrient-rich super foods like Lifestream Barley Grass. The key is changing the balance of the foods you eat, the overall amount of food consumed and getting to know which foods are acid forming and which are alkaline forming.


Lifestream Barley Grass

Lifestream Barley Grass imparts an alkaline residue once digested and can help to nourish and balance your system. Lifestream Barley Grass is gluten free and can be used by coeliacs (people allergic to gluten or wheat products). Lifestream Barley Grass is non allergenic and is excellent for a wide variety of conditions as it contains no animal or dairy products or synthetic additives. Lifestream Barley Grass is available in capsules and powder.

  • Balancing, neutralising and nourishing to the body
  • Highly alkalising - reduces acidity in the body
  • High in natural colloidal ionic minerals
  • Great for those on restricted diets
  • Beneficial to people with weakened digestive systems

Why Lifestream?


  • Lifestream Barley Grass is independently certified organic by AsureQuality NZ and contains no chemicals, synthetic additives or fillers and most importantly, the plants are not chlorine washed.
  • Lifestream Barley Grass has the richest chlorophyll levels of 20mg per 2 grams. This is one of the best indicators for quality as the levels of chlorophyll that remain after harvesting and processing indicate a premium quality product.
  • Lifestream Barley Grass is ‘flash air dried’ immediately after harvest. This is done whilst the plant is at the peak nutritional potency.
  • Lifestream Barley Grass is 100% pure whole leaf powder.
  • Lifestream Barley Grass is grown outside in natural New Zealand sunshine for over 90 days and all Lifestream Barley Grass has the Lifestream premium reputation: 100% Unconditionally Guaranteed.


100% barley grass 

Nutritional Information
Serving size: 2g (1 rounded teaspoon)

Quantity per 2g

Energy 19kJ
Protein 0.6g 
Fat, total  0.1g 
- saturated  <0.1g 
Carbohydrate  <0.1g 
- sugars  <0.1g 
Fibre  0.8g 
Sodium  1mg 
Chlorophyll 1mg
Carotenoids  1.4mg 
VitaminB1  24mcg 
VitaminB2  48mcg 
Niacin  120mcg 
VitaminB6  25mcg 
Folic Acid  26mcg 
VitaminC  4mg 
VitaminE  014IU 
Calcium  6.6mg 
Magnesium  3.6mg 
Chromium  1.8mcg 
Iron  0.2mg 
Manganese 108mcg 
Potassium  86mg 
Phosphorus  8.6mg 
Zinc  Zinc52mcg 
Boron  5.6mcg 
Cobalt  0.1mcg 
Copper  14mcg 
Molybdenum 0.8mcg


Being a natural organic food, the nutrient levels in Lifestream Barley Grass will vary from year to year due to natural climatic changes such as sunlight and cloud cover. This exclusive analysis is based on an average.

Dose and Usage

Take with water or fruit juice.

Adults: 4 capsules or 1 rounded teaspoon daily with food, juice or water. A higher amount can be taken as desired.

Children less than 15: 

2 capsules or 1/2 a generous teaspoon daily with food, juice or water.

Caution: Please remember anything taken internally may interfere with essential medications. For further advice see our website or consult your health professional.


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