KP24 Rapid Solution 150ml

KP24 Rapid Solution 150ml
  • KP24 Rapid Solution 150ml
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KP24 RAPID is our latest innovation in head lice treatments. It has been clinically trialled to kill head lice and their eggs in just 10 minutes! It has a 100% kill rate on the adult lice and 97.2% kill rate on the lice eggs, different to traditional head lice treatments as it has a physical action towards the lice. It kills the head lice by dehydrating them rapidly and suffocating them. A metal comb is included to physically remove the lice from the scalp. After treatment, it leaves the hair soft and shiny.

Directions Not to be used during pregnancy and on babies under 6 months unless advised by doctor.

Ingredients Tea tree and Eucalyptus oil.


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