KP 24 Lice Spray 50ml

KP 24 Lice Spray 50ml
  • KP 24 Lice Spray 50ml
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Fast, easy, safe & effective. Medicated antibacterial formuls for extra care proven in laboratory studies KP24 lice spray provides all day protection against head lice. it uses a medicated antibacterial formula that repels head lice. Apply KP24 lice spray before school or group activities to prevent infestation. KP24 lice spray is fast, easy and safe for daily use. use when there is a head lice outbreak at school

Directions Apply 5 or 6 sprays to clean, dry hair in the morning before school and comb with regular comb. repeat every 12 hours. if lice infestation does occur, apply KP24 medicated lotion and foam directly

Caution Flammamble liquid. do not spray near sources of ignition. do not spray near eyes or mouth. do not use on children under 2 years of age. do not spray onto open wounds or irritated skin. if irritation occurs, discontinue use. in case of accidental ingestion seek medical advise immediately.


Below 25*C

Keep out of reach of children




Ethanol (Alcohol)

43% w/v


2% w/v


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