HealthWise L-Citrulline DL-Malate Powder 150 g

HealthWise L-Citrulline DL-Malate Powder 150 g
  • HealthWise L-Citrulline DL-Malate Powder 150 g
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Features and Benefits

You can obtain Citrulline from food, especially watermelons, and it can be also manufactured from ornithine, in the body’s urea cycle. This cycle helps rid your body of ammonia, a waste product of protein digestion.

After your digestive system metabolizes citrulline malate into citrulline, enzymes in your liver cells convert it into arginine, then into nitric oxide in a process that also produces new citrulline molecules. Nitric oxide is well known for its function as a vasodilator. Supplementing L-citrulline also increases ornithine and arginine plasma content.

L-arginine and L-ornithine are subject to reduced absorption when supplemented in doses of 10g or more, which can result in diarrohea. L-Citrulline does not have this side-effect, and since it increases plasma levels of all three amino acids, it may be the preferred as a supplement over L-arginine.  L-citrulline doubles ornithine plasma content

  • 100% pure powder
  • pharmaceutical grade
  • amino monosaccharide.
  • packed without fillers or flowing agents

HealthWise® Amino Powders are pure pharmaceutical grade powders and are packed by weight not volume, without the use of fillers or flowing agents. Some of the powders are slightly hygroscopic (retain moisture) and this can result in clumping. This can be broken apart with a spoon before taking or dissolved in water


100% Pure Pharmaceutical Grade citrulline 

Free from yeast, gluten, salt, preservatives, artificial colouring & flavouring.

Dose and Usage 

As a dietary supplement take 2 teaspoon between meals. May be taken with your favourite fruit or vegetable juice or as part of pre-workout routine.

Note:  A 2008 study published by the "British Journal of Nutrition" found that short-term supplementation of citrulline in 2 to 15 g servings is safe and well-tolerated.



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