Hannah Face Mask Organic Cotton Beige Large x 1 [Discontinued]

Hannah Face Mask Organic Cotton Beige Large x 1 [Discontinued]
  • Hannah Face Mask Organic Cotton Beige Large x 1 [Discontinued]
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Protect yourself and others

A general purpose face mask:
- To block airborne droplets, especially in winter, from common cold symptoms: coughing, sneezing, or sore throat
- In spring, for allergy symptoms such as hayfever
- Other times whenever you need protection from dust and allergens


  • HannahMask comes with an Adjuster Kit (2 adjusters & 1 clip).
  • Double layered organic cotton face mask for better protection.
  • Very soft, breathable and comfy.
  • Suitable for children age 8 above and adults.
  • Available in beige and black with the inside layer (side that touches skin) made from our signature natural beige certified organic cotton. 
How to Use:
  1. Wash mask and dry completely before first use
  2. You may need to adjust length of ear straps with adjusters provided
  3. Pull one side of the mask strap around your ear
  4. Hold the mask over your mouth and nose and pull the other mask strap around the other ear
  5. Ensure your nose, mouth and chin are properly covered
  6. One the mask is on comfortably, refrain from touching and readjusting it
  7. Always wash your hands when putting on or removing the face mask and avoid touching other parts of your face

How to Wash:
  1. Lather with natural soap or detergent
  2. Hand or machine washable in cold to lukewarm water
  3. Wash the face mask regularly after use
  4. Dry indoor or outdoor, under the sun where possible
  5. Ensure it is completely dry before storing away

Choking hazard: small parts included, not suitable for children under the age of 2
Risk of suffocation: keep this mask away from babies & children under the age of 2. This mask and included parts are not toys
DO NOT put a cloth mask on children under the age of 2
DO NOT put a cloth mask on anyone who has trouble breathing, is unconscious, incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance

NOTE: This is a general purpose cloth mask and NOT A MEDICAL DEVICE. This cloth mask DOES NOT have the same effectiveness as surgical masks





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