Flordis Iberogast 50mL

Flordis Iberogast 50mL
  • Flordis Iberogast 50mL
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Flordis Iberogast - Natural treatment for IBS

 Iberogast is specifically formulated by Florids and is clinically proven for the treatment of discomfort associated with conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and functional dyspepsia.

 More than 25 million patients have used Iberogast since it was developed and launched in Europe more than 50 years ago. Its proven efficacy has made Iberogast the number one natural medicine for gastrointestinal symptoms in Germany, selling over 5 million bottles per year.


What is Iberogast used for?

  Iberogast has been specifically clinically proven to treat the discomfort experienced with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and functional dyspepsia. The multi-targeted action of Iberogast is able to improve the many symptoms associated with IBS and functional dyspepsia, which can include:

  • Heartburn / acid reflux
  • Indigestion
  • Nausea / vomiting
  • Early satiety
  • Fullness
  • Epigastric pain
  • Bloating / cramping Gas Constipation / diarrhoea 

What's found in Iberogast?

   Each bottle of Iberogast contains specific extracts of the following herbs:

  • Iberis amara (Bitter candytuft)
  • Angelica archangelica (Angelica) root
  • Matricaria recuitita (Chamomile) flowers
  • Carum carvi (Caraway) fruit
  • Silybum marianum (St Mary's thistle)
  • Melissa officianalis (Lemon balm) leaves
  • Mentha x piperitae (Peppermint) leaves
  • Chelidonium majus (Greater celandine)
  • Glycyrrhiza glabra (Liquorice) root


   Iberogast is a liquid formulation that is taken 3 times a day, before or with meals, in a small amount of warm water, or mixed with another drink of your choice.

  A dropper is already in place within the neck of the bottle to allow for easy dosing.

  The bottle should be shaken before use.





  • Always red the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist, or the condition recurs, it is important to speak with a healthcare professional.
  • Iberogast contains 31% alcohol (ethanol), which plays an important role in the herbal extraction process. Due to the dose of Iberogast that is recommended therapeutically, the level of alcohol ingested with each dose is very low and swiftly metabolised. Even in infants and children, Iberogast may be used with confidence and no expected adverse effects. In fact, the amount of alcohol within a single dose of Iberogast is less than what may occur naturally in some foods, such as fruits and fermented products. However, owing to Iberogast's alcohol content, patients with illness or addiction related to alcohol consumption should not use Iberogast, unless under the supervision of a healthcare professional.
  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding and patients with severe liver or kidney impairment should speak with a healthcare professional before taking Iberogast.


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