Flo Sinus Care Kit Refill 20 Sachets

Flo Sinus Care Kit Refill 20 Sachets
  • Flo Sinus Care Kit Refill 20 Sachets
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FLO Sinus Care is a sinus douche designed to relieve congestion caused from:

  • Acute Sinusitus
  • Chronic Rhinosinusitus
  • Allergies and Dust

FLO Sinus Care is non-medicated and is safe to use as often and long as required.

In order for effective rinsing of the sinus cavities to occur, patients are required to use large volumes of douche fluid administered at low pressure through the nose. This is in sharp contrast to the traditional method of fluids being administered by a metered dose nasal spray device.

Metered dose nasal pump sprays deliver only about 1-2mL of fluid, sufficient only to moisturize the nasal cavity, whereas the douche method delivers 100mL of fluid to each nostril and reaches most of the paranasal sinuses.

When using large volumes of fluid in the sinus cavities it is important for the fluid to be as close to the composition of the body's own fluids as possible. This will ensure that the damaged lining of the sinuses is encouraged to heal as efficiently as possible.

When a sachet of FLO is reconstituted with cool boiled water, a solution closely resembling the body's own extra cellular fluid is produced. This is the fluid that normally bathes the cells of the nasal and sinus tissues.

FLO is a unique product which can not be substituted by any other douche solution. It's benefits in damaged upper airway tissue has been clearly demonstrated in clinical trials.

Always follow your healthcare professional's advice closely and use this product as directed.


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