FES Flourish Formula Sacred Heart Spray 30ml

FES Flourish Formula Sacred Heart Spray 30ml
  • FES Flourish Formula Sacred Heart Spray 30ml
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Bleeding Heart - Appropriate differentiation and separation; capacity to consolidate heart forces when a relationship has ended for any reason; ability to end or amend dysfunctional relationships that deplete integrity
California Wild Rose - Commitment in relationships; ability to work through trials and thorns by holding a higher ideal of love; the transformation of love from a romantic wish to a living force of deeds and sacrifice
Centaury - The ability to serve and love from a source of strength and individuality; transforming the tendency to appease, placate or act as a dysfunctional enabler in a relationship
Holly - Foundational flower essence for the highest spiritual expression of love and compassion; antidote for jealousy, envy, revenge, and mistrust
Pink Monkeyflower - Allowing vulnerability and trust in a relationship; to heal over-defended and guarded tendencies in relationships due to prior soul wounds, abuse or shame
Pink Yarrow - Loving connection with others while maintaining containment and appropriate emotional responsibility; healing the tendency toward unbounded sympathetic forces, depletion due to emotional merging or dysfunctional enmeshment
Quince - Ability to lead with heart strength; learning to exercise appropriate authority and transparency in any relationship in order to cultivate honesty, authenticity and individuality
Essential Oils: Yarrow, Rose


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