FES Flourish Formula Mind Full Spray 30ml

FES Flourish Formula Mind Full Spray 30ml
  • FES Flourish Formula Mind Full Spray 30ml
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Peppermint - Invigoration of mental activity; overcoming mental lethargy due to unbalanced metabolism and digestion
Lemon - Clarifying and purifying; counteracts mental fatigue with refreshing and purifying qualities
Morning Glory - Provides awakening forces; builds deeper rhythms for beneficial waking and sleeping, especially to counteract daytime sluggishness
Nasturtium - Helps redirect and balance vital energy, especially when depletion results from over-use of intellectual forces
Cosmos - Promotes higher mental function; greater access to the archetypal realm of ideas and their translation into speaking and thinking
Shasta Daisy - Ability to bring synergistic insight to thinking; integration of pieces of intellectual information into over-arching concepts
Rabbitbrush - Flexible and mobile mental consciousness; capacity to track simultaneous details and hold them within an encompassing field of awareness
Madia - Focusing capacity; ability to bring sustained mental concentration to tasks and projects; counteracts tendency toward diffuse or distracted mental behaviour
Essential oils: Lemon, Peppermint, Grapefruit


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