FES Flourish Formula Flora Sleep Spray 30ml

FES Flourish Formula Flora Sleep Spray 30ml
  • FES Flourish Formula Flora Sleep Spray 30ml
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California Valerian - heals and calms the nervous system; promotes deep relaxation by guiding the soul to live in present time rather than feel anxious about future events
Chamomile - release of emotional tension and agitation, particularly from the solar plexus and stomach; stabilizes the digestive system at night for metabolic regeneration
White Chestnut - release from deeply internalized states of worry, such as repetitive thoughts, incessant mental agitation, or hyper-processing of past emotional experiences
Red Chestnut - release from obsessive worry or emotional upset directed toward others; over-anxious concern or mental pre-occupation for situations that involve the free will and choices of others
Olive - promotes immune health and deep restoration following prolonged stress or exhaustion from challenging life episodes
Aloe Vera - helps the body - especially the heart centre - to replenish during sleep; helps soothe over-stimulation due to intense responsibilities at work or home; helps hydrate and soothe overly inflamed states of body-soul consciousness
Alpine Aster - assists the soul to fully release from the body during sleep, so that higher states of spiritual consciousness and dreaming can provide inspiration and insight
St. John's Wort - provides spiritual protection and nourishment while sleeping; regulates night-time and daytime forces of light/darkness and waking/ sleeping to work in harmony and wholeness
Essential oils: The essential oil of blue Chamomile helps calm the digestive system and soothe the emotions, while Sandalwood essential oil provides deeply relaxing, grounding and analgesic qualities.


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