Enzyme Science MyoMend 60 Capsules

Enzyme Science MyoMend 60 Capsules Enzyme Science MyoMend 60 Capsules
  • Enzyme Science MyoMend 60 Capsules
Dairy Free
Egg Free
Free From Artificial Ingredients
Gluten Free
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Features and Benefits

When faced with an acute injury, one of the most common applications

for healing is the RICE protocol: rest, ice, compress and elevate.
Unfortunately, this procedure does not necessarily take into account
the body’s natural inflammatory mechanisms. The inflammatory
response is designed to increase temperature in the injured area,
ramping up the body’s natural enzyme activity. Proteolytic enzymes
are manufactured by the body to break down proteins in the bloodstream. Increased enzyme
activity, in the presence of heat, enables the removal of proteins which are dead, damaged, or

do not belong. This removal process is recognized by the body and indicated by fever. Remov-
al of such stressors allows the body to transition into recovery.

MyoMendTM oers a unique blend of plant and plant-based enzymes with additional benets
from antioxidant properties of rutin.* This high potency enzyme blend includes plant
enzymes bromelain and papain along with protease, serratiopeptidase, nattokinase, and
catalase enzymes. In combination, these ingredients create a synergistic eect to assist with
capillary, tissue, and muscle function, as well as promoting healthy inammatory responses
for cardiovascular wellbeing.* MyoMendTM was formulated to work with the body’s immune
system for encouraging accelerated recovery and repair.*
Capillary blood ow plays a major role in generating a healthy inammatory response. These

small blood vessels are responsible for carrying oxygen and nutrients to the cells while remov-
ing waste. After an injury, some of these capillaries may be damaged thus making them

incapable of carrying uid to and from damaged tissue. Symptoms such as localized pain,
swelling, redness, heat and loss of function may result. Research studies suggest proteolytic
enzymes, such as nattokinase and serratiopeptidase, support healthy circulation and speed
healing.*1,2,3 Proteases may also contribute to the expulsion of harmful particles by stimulating
phagocytes (cells that ingest foreign particles and debris) and accelerating elimination by way
of the lymphatic system.

Fibrin is a protein in the blood produced in response to inammation.
This protein is essential to stop excess blood loss in the event of bodily
trauma or injury. Excessive inammation due to injury may encourage
cross-linked brin to circulate through the bloodstream and stick to the
walls of blood vessels. The nattokinase enzyme blend in MyoMendTM
supports healthy circulation by breaking down brin and helping to
increase antioxidant activity.* Nattokinase NSK-SD®, sourced from the
fermented soy bean product natto, has been the subject of 17 studies.
Included in these scientic studies are two small clinical trials with results
indicating a heightened ability to dissolve blood clots and promote
healthy blood pressure.1,2,5
Serratiopeptidase, like nattokinase, functions as a proteolytic and
brinolytic enzyme. Also referred to as serrapeptase, this enzyme oers
support for healthy circulation by accelerating tissue repair to calm joint
discomfort and maintain balanced secretion of interstitial uid.4,6
The tropical plant enzymes bromelain (from pineapple) and papain

(from papaya) have an established history for supporting healthy inam-
mation, circulation and repair. Typically more active in an elevated

temperature, these enzymes may be eective in supporting the body’s
immune system during inammatory responses. In addition, recent
research indicates benecial eects of tropical plant enzymes for joint
health. 7
Rutin is an antioxidant found in various fruits and vegetables and from
leaves of several plant species. Modern research indicates the benets of
rutin in combination with bromelain for joint health.8
Many formulas designed to assist the body in recovery are a blend of
both animal and plant-based enzymes. While animal-based pancreatic
enzymes may be supportive for advanced issues, they typically are
rejected by both vegetarians and vegans alike. Questions may also arise
as to the conditions and quality of the circumstances under which the
animals are raised and processed.

  • Promotes healthy inflammatory response
  • Encourages accelerated recovery and tissue repair
  • Nattokinase and serratiopeptidase
  • Tropical plant enzymes bromelain and papain


Each serving (2 capsules) contains:

Bromelain 1250 GDU
Protease 100,000 HUT
Catalase 100 Baker
Rutin 60 mg
Papain 3, 500, 000 PU
Serratopeptidase 100, 000 SPU
Nattokinase Blend 700 FU

Contains no: Dairy, egg, preservatives, salt, sucrose, soy, wheat, yeast, nuts, corn, gluten, casein, potato, rice, artificial colours or flavours

Dose and Usage

Take 2 capsules three times per day on an empty stomach (1/2 hour before or 2 hours after a meal).

More may be taken as recommended by your healthcare practitioner



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