Dulcolax SP Drops 30ml

Dulcolax SP Drops 30ml
  • Dulcolax SP Drops 30ml
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Dulcolax SP Drops

Oral Liquid Solution for predictable relief of constipation.Each 1ml (Approximately 15 drops) contains 7.5mg Sodium Picosulfate


Directions For Use

1. Remove protective cap

2. Do not shake the bottle. To make the dropper function, hold the bottle with the dropper facing downwards.

Gently and carefully squeeze the bottle

3. Take the recommended dose or as directed by your doctor or pharmacist

4. Replace protective cap after use Use only it carton seal is unbroken

Each 1 mL (approximately 15 drops) contains sodium picosulfate 7.5 mg Also contains sodium benzoate as preservative Gluten free

DOSAGE For oral use only

Adults and children over 10 years: Initially 10 drops at night. Increase up to 20 drops onlyif required

Children 4 to 10 years: 5 to 10 drops at night. Use of DULCOLAX SP Drops in children should only be under medical advice .







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