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Direct Health Zymax Multi Digestive Enzymes 90 veg caps

Direct Health

Direct Health Zymax Multi Digestive Enzymes 90 veg caps

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Multi Enzyme Complex

Zymax is formulated to enhance digestion, support nutrient uptake & intestinal health by reducing the exposure to potentially toxic peptides and the possible impact of incomplete digestion of dairy (casein) foods and wheat (gluten) foods.

The Zymax formula contains 3 fungal proteolytic enzyme systems, including a protease with DDPIV activity, a protease with PEP activity, an aspartic protease (pepsin type), a cysteine protease (bromelain), amylase, lipase & lactase (tilactase)

Zymax is suitable for vegans and vegetarians and can be taken after food or on an empty stomach. It is odourless and mixes well with drinks. This product contains no animal ingredients, no added salt, yeast, gluten, wheat, dairy, preservatives, artificial colours, flavours or additives.

Indications: Allergies, food intolerance, under-active digestion, assimilation & metabolism.


Each capsule contains:
Protease (40 000 HUT) [from 3 Aspergillus Oryzae strains]  109.20mg
Bromelain (168 GDU) [from Ananas Cosmosus]  70.00mg 
Amylase (5000 DU) [from Aspergillus oryzae]  55.60mg
Lipase (150 LU) [from Rhisopus oryzae]  31.90mg 
Tilactase (1110 ALU) [from Aspergillus oryzae] 11.10mg

Contains maltodextrin


Directions for use:
Take 1-2 capsules in a full glass of water before meals, or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner.


Store below 25°C. Do not store in direct sunlight or heat.
Keep out of reach of children.