Curasept Proxi Treatment T17

Curasept Proxi Treatment T17
  • Curasept Proxi Treatment T17
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Our Curasept Proxi interdental brushes Treatment series T17


Curasept Proxi Treatment series interdental brushes in the T17 size. This is the ISO size 5 and has a core diameter of 1.7mm. The brush shape is traditional parallel sided. (see the T17Cone for the cone shaped brush).


Our Prevention series of interdental brushes is recommended for larger interdental spaces resulting from gum problems, dental malposition, or dental treatments such as bridges and implants.


Packet of 5 brushes - each one is premounted on its own handle. And each brush and handle combination has its own cap for cleanliness and maximum hygiene.

The blister package is designed to contain 5 interdental brushes and to prevent them from slipping out of their place.

Each blister pack contains an exhaustive leaflet with all the information you will need for the correct use of your brushes.




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