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Natural Chemist Consultations provide a face-to-face health professional consultation either in person or using the latest video conferencing technology (where appropriate). You will be sitting down with our Nutritionist or Naturopath for a full consultation to discuss your health concerns.


As an integrative pharmacy, we specialise in both conventional (western) and complementary (natural) medicines, providing you with evidence based health recommendations to optimise the treatment of your health issues from a complete perspective.



We have hundreds of health products with many “practitioner only” products (such as Metagenics, Bioceuticals, Mediherb, Eagle and Flordis). We choose these products as they are effective formulations developed through the work of scientific advisory committees and product development teams within the manufacturing companies. We trust these evidenced based supplements for their efficacy, safety and tolerability. The products are often indicated for conditions which require the guidance of a health professional, or where contraindications or interactions may exist. We are therefore required to provide a professional check-up to make sure that the optimal therapy has been chosen and that the products are being taken correctly. 


For these reasons, a full professional consultation is required for you to purchase some of the practitioner only products. Alternatively, you can provide us with your current prescription from another practitioner.



Consultation fees are as following:

  • Initial consultation- $150.00
  • Follow up consultation- $120.00
  • Half hour consultation (not recommended as an initial consult) - $75


Organising a Consultation


Add consultation into the cart and check out as you would do with any other products.


We will call you or email you within 1 business day to book in an appropriate time for the consultation.


Once booking is confirmed, if an econsult, we will send you the instructions for accessing GoToMeeting/Skype/ Zoom/ FaceTime or other preferred video conferencing applications.





What to expect from a Natural Chemist Consultation


  • Health status examination –includes medical history, medication history, sleeping patterns, stress levels etc.
  • Recommendations for natural medicines – Mainly Practitioner Only products
  • Recommendations for pharmacy products that may assist you with your symptoms
  • Nutritional recommendations
  • Lifestyle advice
  • Referrals for further testing if required




How does eConsultation work?

Natural Chemist Integrative Pharmacy eConsultation is a video conference conducted using an application that is most convenient for you. The available applications include: GoToMetting, Zoom, Skype and Facetime.   



What's needed for eConsulation

eConsultation is an easily accessible service. All you need is stable internet connection, a computer with webcam/mic OR a smart phone/tablet. 



For every order shipped, we make a donation to a charity. You pay nothing extra.