Compounded Pfeiffer Metallothionein Promoter Formula 100 capsules 350mg (for >70kg)

Single Order


Pfeiffer Metallothionein Promoter Formula is a compounded formula which requires a prescription from your doctor. 

We need the prescription sent to us before we can send the capsules to you.

350mg is usually indicated for patients weighing over 70kg. The dose may vary according to your doctors prescription


Glutathione 200mg

Selenium (as selenomethionine) 20ug

Serine (L) 27.4mg

Lysine (L) 35.7mg

Alanine (L) 16.8mg

Glycine (L) 11.6mg

Threonine (L) 8.6mg

Proline 7mg

Aspartic acid 8.5mg

Asparagine 5.5mg

Glutamic acid 12mg

Methionine (L) 6.3mg

Glutamine (L) 4.4mg

Isoleucine (L) 4mg

Valine (L) 2.2mg


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