Claratyne Chewable 10 Tablets

Claratyne Chewable 10 Tablets
  • Claratyne Chewable 10 Tablets
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Claratyne Children Chewable Tablets Can be taken by children aged 24 months and above. Claratyne offers 24 hour relief from the symptoms of hayfever year round allergies and chronic urticaria(hives); and it doesn’t cause drowsiness.

  • Once daily dosing 
  • Great tasting 
  • Rapid 24-hour relief 
  • Non-drowsy 
  • Suitable from 2 years

AUST R 169329 


Children 2-12 Up to 30kg 1 Tablet Once Daily as necessary.

Over 30kg 2 Tablets Once Daily ,as necessary.

Adults & Chilren over 12 years 2 Tablets Once daily, as necessary.


Loraradine 5mg


Consult your doctor or pharmacist of symptoms persist.



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