Cabot Health Vein & Fluid Relief 60 Caps [Discontinued]

Vein & Fluid Relief 60 Caps
  • Vein & Fluid Relief 60 Caps
  • Vein & Fluid Relief 60 Caps
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Herbs and nutrients to relieve achy, swollen legs with varicose or spider veins. Improves symptoms of painful, tired and heavy legs. Helpful for individuals who stand for long periods of time. 

  • The key formula for improved circulation. 
  • Natural solution to aching legs and fluid retention. 
  • Provides relief for swollen legs and hands due to fluid retention 
  • Relieves aching legs associated with enlarged or varicose veins 
  • Helps to strengthen capillary walls for better blood flow 
  • Reduces capillary fragility associated with spider veins Improves symptoms of painful, tired and heavy legs
  • Contains no added gluten, dairy products, lactose or yeast 

Cabot Health Vein and Fluid Relief capsules increase antioxidant effects in the body, especially in the blood vessels, and improve peripheral circulation which can improve cold hands and feet. 

May assist in promoting general health. Supports your general circulation which supplies all the organs in your body with blood. 

Causes of tired aching legs and fluid retention include:

  • Lack of fitness
  • Sedentary jobs where you sit all day 
  • Standing all day which causes your veins and lymphatic system to work harder
  • The oral contraceptive pill 
  • Hormonal imbalances  
  • Sluggish circulation
  • Varicose veins
  • Lymphatic problems 

Directions for use:
Take 2 capsules per day 

Cautions and Contraindications:  You should always see your doctor to check the function of your heart, thyroid gland, kidneys and circulation to exclude serious causes. But once you have done this, and if your legs still ache or are swollen with fluid, Vein and Fluid Relief may provide relief


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