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Bubs Goat Milk Formula

Stage 1 - Bubs Goat Infant Formula (0-6months)


Stage 2 - Bubs Goat Follow-On Formula (6-12months)


Stage 3 - Bubs Goat Toddler Formula (12-36months)


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Bubs Goat Milk Formula (formerly known as Naure Bubs) is exclusively formulated for tiny Australian tummies, providing the building blocks to promote healthy growth & development.

Why do we recommend Bubs Goat's Milk Formula?

  • It's made from whole goat milk powder (40% goat milk solids).
  • The protein profile in goat milk is similar to breast milk (significantly more so than cow’s milk).
  • Goat milk protein forms smaller finer curd making it much easier to digest and absorb, so it is a gentle solution for sensitive digestion.
  • Goat milk is rich in alpha-s2-casein (aka A2 Protein), unlike cow’s milk which is high in alpha-s1-casein (aka A1 protein) and known to cause allergic reactions in some babies. Hence it is a good alternative for bubs with cow milk protein allergens.
  • It also contains: prebiotic GOS, which aids digestive system; omega 3 & 6, which is great for brain, eye and nerve development.